gun can only be used with a’bullet’

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That’s different for every situation. Anyway we don’t have chips anymore. Can’t you give what you don’t have?
Hmm… . No matter how old the Han (舊韓) area is, even if this town is also called Kangchon, you wouldn’t know that it would be unwise to take the hunter’s pay off.
Even when Jin seriously warned, he laughed.
Ha, even if you’re not just a hunter, you’re a demon hunter, you can’t make something you don’t have. And I would have caught the beast and collected chips and other things that exceeded the payoff. Why don’t you just pass the penny money over?
The man stared at Jin with his suddenly changed eyes. It wasn’t the eyes of a person who said he couldn’t give it because he didn’t have money.
If you want to go back safely with the chips you have now.
There seems to be some misunderstanding.
Jin did not budge despite the threats.
The amount of chips you decide to give doesn’t matter.
Jin continued to say with a firm expression.
The act itself of not paying the hunter’s compensation is important.
Those who do not want to be paid, those who must be paid. This fight has never disappeared since the hunter appeared after the fall. The head of this small town with a total of twenty Jews did not somehow try to pay Jin.
So, he pulled out the last bastion in order not to pay for it. The man who put his hand under the table relaxedly showed it out. Jin, who saw it, looked at it as if it were interesting.
As he pulled the sly, a creak sounded.
You know what this is
The man was looking at Jin with a relaxed expression, as if he had captured Seunggi perfectly, and Jin was still a firm expression.
So why don’t you step back?
Before shooting, the man who swallowed the word was grinning. However, Jin sighed as if he didn’t even need to scan the man’s gun.
This is why the villagers… .
Jin frowned. The expression seemed to be annoyed because it was ridiculous rather than angry.
Do you know what a gun is?
Well, it’s an object that falls out when anyone dies in one room. Hunters are also without exception.

Hey… .Once the way to hold it was wrong.

The man was holding the slider part, not the handle. Holding it like that would only take someone’s head off with a handle.

And your gun doesn’t even have a trigger.

Plus, the trigger was just a trigger ring, and there was no trigger to pull. It means you don’t even know how to shoot.

There, there is no magazine.

There was nothing in the magazine part of the automatic pistol. Jin has to explain this natural thing, and the situation itself being threatened by a guy like this was annoying. But the man was confident.

He seems to be picking up casually because he is a hunter, but until now, the one who has died by this’gun’ cannot be counted with ten fingers.

Apparently, this man seemed to think he could do anything with this one, tricking many with a bulletless pistol. Perhaps the town’s leadership was also obtained with the shell of that pistol picked up somewhere.

Jin gave a very natural fact.

Hey, a gun can only be used with a’bullet’. A gun is useless.

But rather, the man laughed.

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that a gun is not a dick and can only be used with balls.”

This man had a firm misunderstanding of the use of the bullet, and Jin became increasingly tired.

Do you think hunters won’t even recognize guns?

Even such a dumb worms were so ugly that they tried to trick the hunters. Jin sighed, and took the silver revolver out of his arms. I didn’t have any more thoughts of going to sleep.

And, guns aren’t made to show off.



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